Sunday, November 29, 2015

Definition Sheet

Name __Cierra Anthony___ Panel Asian American 1. How are major issues about this group FRAMED in the media? Attach a news clip that serves as an example demonstrating commonly used media short-hand, or FRAMING. The media make the Asian American culture appear to be extremely smart and focused on success. Nicholas Kristof a writer for the New York Times say’s “ an A- is an Asian F.” Kristof says because of that Asian American students are under pressure to do well, so they stress about school and jobs. 2. In what way(s) is this group MARGINALIZED in the media ? Attach news clip demonstrating an example of this MARGINALIZATION. Writer for Everyday Feminism Whitney Pow talks about how people make fun of the Asian accents in the media by referencing the movie A Christmas story I’ve never, ever heard any Chinese or Asian non-native English speaker sound the way the singers sound in A Christmas Story says Pow which is what I’d like to call “fa ra ra ra bullshit.” 3. READ CAREFULLY: Who are the OPPOSITIONAL voices/groups OPERATING WITHIN [WHO ARE MEMBERS OF ] this culture? Be specific. Attach clip. CEO and founder of the K12 news network Cynthia Liu and cultural blogger Jen Fang “have both lambasted the suits, aimed at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina, for recruiting Asian American as "model victims,” according to 4. READ CAREFULLY: “Mainstream” society views this group from ONE perspective. BUT, “insider perspectives” challenge/question that mainstream perspective – viewing the group from a DIFFERENT perspective, therefore DECONSTRUCTING the mainstream view. Attach clip. Mainstream media view the Asian Americans as very intellectually advanced people with accents and bad drivers according to 5. List three ARCHETYPES or characterizations that the media uses as a “shorthand” to depict individual PEOPLE who are members of this culture (at least one of them positive). Be specific. Attach clip demonstrating one. 1 They all know how to do Karate 2. They are all Chinese 3. They are very smart

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